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Protect your babies from cavities!



Baby bottle syndrome,” “nursing caries,” or “bottle mouth caries” are names to describe a pattern of caries where the deciduous(milk teeth) upper incisors and molars are more severely disrupted. A key feature of this type of caries is the sparing of the lower incisors, which can be completely healthy or mildly affected.

It is caused when a child goes to bed with a bottle filled with milk or juice — anything except water. Breastfed  infants who fall asleep while breastfeeding are also at risk. Again, the babies who are pacified with pacifiers, which are often dipped in honey or a sugar solution, and this brings in more reasons for dental caries.

It usually affects children between the ages of one and two years. 

Most common signs and symptoms of nursing caries:

1)White spots on the teeth

2)Early development of cavities (brown areas on the tooth that lead to tooth destruction)


How can I prevent nursing caries?

Do not allow your child to go to bed with a bottle filled with anything but water.

Wean your child from the bottle in a timely manner.

Begin good early mouth care of the gums and teeth. Even before the first tooth comes out, massage and clean the baby's gums with a clean washcloth or soft cotton every day, and after every long feeding.

Give fluoride supplementation, as recommended by your child's doctor.

Have early dental visits for your child. Try to take the baby for a dental checkup at least every year if not every six months.

Try to cut down on the consumption of extra sweet beverages. Add some water to the fruit juice to dilute the concentration and sweetness.

All these steps mentioned are great to start healthy and good dental care and hygiene.

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