Thursday 20 September 2012

Bank your Smile..

Stem Cell Banking:

Stemade, India's first and only private dental stem cell bank, is soon to foray into the Asia Pacific and the Middle East region after its successful launch in Indian market in 2009. The company which is into dental pulp stem cell banking, is already in the advanced stage of discussion with Singapore government and have initiated dialogue with the government of UAE for its probable launch in these regions this year.

With this the company will be able to introduce and launch the technology used for banking and preserving dental stem cells in these countries as well. The dental stem cells is believed to have potential to treat several diseases, such as diabetes, wound healing, Parkinson's, spinal cord injury, muscular dystrophy, osteoarthritis etc.

Stemade which was established in India in 2009, started its operation a year later, after setting up its special cryopreservation facilities at the laboratory of LifeCell International in Chennai. Since then the company has been collecting dental stem cells from the pulp of milk tooth and wisdom tooth which is frozen and stored using cryopreservation technology to maintain their viability, for retrieval of the same for stem cell therapy treatments in future.

Idyll Dental, has a tie up with Stemade, thus we help children Bank their future. If you need more information, do contact us at

Teeth used:
-Milk teeth
-Wisdom teeth
-Other teeth extracted due to trauma/accident
-Teeth extracted during orthodontic treatment(braces)

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