Friday 12 September 2014

Teething: Your Babies first..

Teething: How to make your child comfortable through it all..

Teeth actually start developing while your baby's in the womb, when tooth buds form in the gums. Teeth break through one at a time over a period of months, and often — but not always — in this order: First the bottom two middle teeth, then the top two middle ones, then the ones along the sides and back. They may not all come in straight, but don't worry — they usually straighten out over time.
The teeth only start to grow throughout the gums when the baby is 6-9 months old. Other teeth follow over the following months. A child is usually aged around 2½ or 3 when they have their full set of first teeth.
Important Signs :

  • Red and swollen gums.
  • Red flushed cheek or face.
  • Rubbing their ears on the same side as the tooth which is coming through.
  • Dribbling more than usual.
  • Waking more at night and generally being more unsettled.
  • Inconsistent feeding.
  • Rubbing their gums, biting, chewing or sucking more.
  • Irritable and unsettled
  • Mild fever and diarrhea.
Treatment for teething
  • Many babies and children will have minimal or no symptoms when they are teething so will therefore not need any treatment.
  • Gently rubbing over the infants gums.
  • Many children find that biting on a clean and cool object is soothing (for example, a chilled teething ring).
  • Something to chew on, such as a firm rubber teething ring or a cold washcloth
  • If your child is in pain , then giving medicines such as  infants' acetaminophen, may help(only on Doctor's recommendation)
  • Teething gels (topical)
  • If drool causes a rash on your baby's face, wipe, but don't rub, the drool away with a soft cotton cloth. You can also smooth petroleum jelly on his chin before a nap or bedtime to protect the skin from further irritation.
We do whatever it takes to make our baby comfortable and the good news is : its just a phase which will soon pass leaving cute little pearly whites in the end :)

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