Tuesday 7 April 2015

Hard To Ignore But Easy   To Treat

   Ever wonder why every time you have a spoonful of icecream you inevitably end up touching your face.
   Every time you sip on your fruit juice you sense a twinge in your mouth!! Here is the answer:
                                  “  your teeth are sensitive “

 Almost half the population experience sensitivity and it usually occurs due to wearing away of the enamel which is the outermost protective layer of the teeth.
Due to wear of the enamel there is exposure of the softer layer of teeth which is the dentin, which has tiny tubes that contain nerve endings which are filled with fluid.
Eating /drinking any foodstuffs that are hot or cold or any sweetened item cause this fluid to move, resulting in discomfort to the nerves causing: sensitivity.
It usually occurs due to receding of the gum line, caused by overzealous brushing or using an abrasive tooth paste
Those who have a habit of grinding teeth during stress or during sleep are at a high risk of developing Sensitivity as grinding too wears the enamel exposing the dentin

 Fruit juices and cold drinks are high in acidic content, eat away the enamel causing sensitivity.

                                    How To Reduce sensitivity

Avoid overzealous brushing, use soft bristled toothbrush
Brush regularly with a desensitizing toothpaste
Application of fluoride to sensitive areas of  teeth

Reduce the intake of acidic juices and fruits and when consuming
 Use a straw along with it so there is minimum contact with the teeth
 For those who have a habit of grinding teeth nightguard should be used
Surgical gumgraft If root of the teeth has lost gum tissue 

   Regular check ups at iDENT, will keep your teeth healthy and smiling.
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