Saturday 25 July 2015

                      SOFT DENTURES

Ever wondered!! Why Your denture feels loose and sharp over the years whenever you wear them??
Or do you feel the need for a better and more comfortable denture??

Well, the answer is here - SOFT DENTURES!!!!!

As age advances there is a gradual shrinkage of gum tissues which leads to poor fit causing ulcer gum sores, rocking of dentures, falling off of the denture while talking, speech alteration, infection and other problems. Solution: Soft Dentures.

The process by which a soft denture is delivered is called as a Permanent soft relining. 

A reline involves resurfacing only the internal surface of the denture to re adapt with a processed soft liner. 

It is recommended that dentures should be relined in every two years due to tissue and bite change.

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