Wednesday 16 March 2016

Wisdom teeth not so wise at times... :)

Warning Signs Of Impacted Wisdom Teeth
Impacted wisdom teeth are trying to erupt but are unable to do so because there is no sufficient room for them to emerge. This usually means that your wisdom teeth are painfully lodged in your jaw bone.        
        While you may not see any real signs of the emerging wisdom teeth when they are impacted, what you can’t see can still definitely hurt you. Some of the Indicators of Impacted Wisdom Teeth are listed below:
·         Jaw Pain:  Pain in the back of your jaw is a common indicator of impacted wisdom teeth. The pain often concentrates in the area around your gums.
·         Changes in the mouth:  You may notice some changes in your mouth when you have impacted wisdom teeth. Reddish gums, swelling in the jaw, bleeding gums, crowding of teeth and Bad breath can all be indicators that you are dealing with Impacted Wisdom Teeth.
·         Headaches:  If you suddenly start having headaches, especially at the same time as some of the other issues mentioned above, they may indicate Impacted Wisdom Teeth.
·         Chewing Issues:  Problems with chewing normally can indicate Impacted Wisdom Teeth. If you are having trouble making the chewing motions because your mouth won’t quite open and close as easily as it used to, Impacted Wisdom Teeth may be the culprit.
The Solution:  If you are suffering from Impacted Wisdom Teeth, the best solution is usually going to be removal. This is not a problem that will resolve naturally, and in fact, your pain and other symptoms may worsen as your wisdom teeth become increasingly impacted.  Medication gives relief only for a shorter duration and the pain might reoccur only to be of a much more grave intensity.

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