Thursday 18 November 2021

Why Dental Checkup During Pregnancy is Important!


Why Dental Checkup During Pregnancy is Important!

                              Gum Diseases appear in 2nd Trimester of pregnancy.

                            If present before pregnancy, it worsens.

  • Gestational gingivitis ( Pregnancy Gingivitis)

During pregnancy, increased levels of the hormone, progesterone, cause an increased response to plaque bacteria which can lead to gingivitis (gum disease).   

As a result, pregnant women are more likely to develop gingivitis.

  •         Gingivitis (if not treated)  Periodontitis (if not treated)  Loose teeth
  •        Morning sickness (Acidic Vomit)  Wear of enamel  Sensitivity

·        Tips: Do not Brush immediately, wait for 15 mins or
 Rinse with water to neutralize the acid.

  •             Sweet Cravings  Dental Cavities

Tips: Try to substitute sweets with healthy food rich in Calcium and Vitamin D.

          Eg: Milk, cheese, eggs, unsweetened yogurt or fish.

Note: Preterm Birth can happen due to gum disease.

  1. Bacteria enter baby’s bloodstream from the mother.
  2. To which the baby produces prostaglandins ( hormone-like molecule) in response.
  3. Lead to Uterus contractions causing Preterm labour.
  4. Low birth weight due to preterm birth causes more healthy related challenges for the babies.

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