Saturday 16 April 2022

Why does food get stuck in my teeth?


  • Food lodgement happens when we eat something and food particles get stuck in between our teeth which could not get dislodged either by rinsing or by the effort of our tongue. It can lead to irritation as it gives a feeling of foreign body stuck and our tongue constantly trying to reach that area and dislodge it.  
  • What to do when your meal ends up stuck in your teeth? If you keep finding food between your teeth after eating, there are a few reasons that could be happening.

  • 1.Gaps between the teeth
  • 2.Misaligned teeth 

  • 3.Cavities

  • 4.Ill fitting dental prosthesis and restorations

  • 5.Gum disease

What can you do? 

When you meet with your dentist, ask about why you are experiencing this problem regularly. They will probably do an exam to check for cavities and gum disease, but you can also ask them about misaligned teeth or inconsistent spacing in your mouth. In the end, your dentist will be able to suggest the best approach for correcting your dental issue.
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