Wednesday 26 November 2014

What is the one thing, you hate the most about dentists? Don't say everything!!

If you’re a Dentist Hater, I’m sure you have your reasons, and yet I’ll bet it’s not actually dentists you hate. It’s all the stuff a dentist does that creeps you out – 
the drilling, 
billing parts.

Who can blame you for that? A dental chair can combine the sum of all fearswith pain, needles, doctors, confined-spaces, loud noises.

It’s no big surprise so many people hate going to the dentist.
Yet, dentists aren’t such bad people
We’re just the ones doing the work and stuck with the bad-guy label.

What is it about going to the dentist that you hate more than anything else?
Is it---

  • The Needle
  • The Pain
  • The Anxiety
  • The Drill
  • The Invasiveness
  • The Sounds and Smells
  • The Cost
  • The Lectures by your Dentist
  • The Poor Service
  • The Bad Memories

So whats your reason to Hate the Dentist???
Tell Us and Help us understand YOU better.

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