Monday 3 November 2014

Whiskey in Tooth Paste?? YESSS: its TRUE!!!

YESSS: Whiskey Tooth Paste was a thing in 1961
Don Poynter, the newly minted college grad decided to do something about the flavor in tooth paste. With more ambition than credit, Don secured a $10,000 bank loan.
Poytner Products' toothpaste was released in Bourbon and Scotch flavors and actually did contain a small amount of um, er, provisions to ensure an authentic boozy flavor.
Tubes tipped the scale at a respectable 6 proof (com'n, it's toothpaste). Don's whiskey toothpaste struck a cultural nerve and wound up becoming one of the country’s biggest novelty items in the 1950s and 60s. 
Pit & Quarry wrote, “Researchers found that those using the whiskey-flavored toothpaste brushed their teeth after each meal, including lunch at work – and as many as 14 other times during the day.”

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