Friday 3 February 2023

Do you have wide gaps between your teeth?

Interdental brush is used clean the wide interdental gaps between teeth. Floss is the perfect tool for cleaning the narrow interdental spaces, however, some teeth have wider gaps making them harder to clean. Moreover, those who have fixed braces or suffer from joint problems, causing limited mobility, are unable to use a floss. In these cases, an interdental brush can be effectively used for cleaning the interdental spaces as well as around braces and orthodontic wires.

How is an Interdental Brush Used?

 Pick the right size of interdental brush as per the gap between your teeth. If your teeth have wide gaps, then you will need a brush with longer bristles for effective cleaning.

Start with your front teeth as they are easier to reach. Once the front teeth are cleaned, move to the rear teeth. Ensure that no tooth is missed.

Gently insert the brush between your teeth. Make sure you don’t force it in as this may injure your gums.

Once inserted, move the interdental brush back and forth along its entire length a few times.

Don’t panic if you find small amount of blood while rinsing, as this is normal. However, if the bleeding continues after a week, consult your dentist.

Once you finish cleaning your teeth, rinse your interdental brush.

These brushes should be replaced once the bristles are worn out or if the wire is bent.


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