Wednesday 17 June 2015

                                       Early Childhood Dental Care
There are two set of teeth that evolves during a person’s entire life span.  Caring for the baby tooth is a resounding yes. They help in aiding a child’s development. Early childhood decay is usually caused when babies are put to sleep with a bottle of milk containing sugar (natural sugar) also. Breast feeding/nursing also causes decay because it contains sugar and babies are nursed to sleep with the ignorance of cleaning the mouth.

 1. Even before the teeth are erupted; clean/wipe gums and cheeks       with a moistened cloth or dental wipe such as tooth tissue.

 2. HELP THE LITTLE HELPERS- since lot of kids insist on brushing teeth on their own, let them .Use a second brush to clean it thoroughly. Usually parents are recommended to supervise child’s brushing until the age of 6 to 7.

 3.Never dip a pacifier in anything sweet.

 4.Wean the infant from the bottle by one year of age.

  5. FLUORIDE APPLICATION- Application of fluoride varnish twice a year from the age of 2 years can help in curbing DECAY.

  6.Visit your dentist by baby’s first birthday at
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